Indonesia, the city of Baubau “Residents Are Restless Before Covid-19 Vaccination


Baubau-SN. The vaccination that was carried out by President Jokowi a few weeks ago, has already spread to Southeast Sulawesi, including the City of Baubau, this polemic is a topic of conversation among residents because there are those who want to be vaccinated and some who do not want to be vaccinated.
This was revealed from an investigation by Spionnews journalists to the residents of Baubau City Tuesday (26/1/2021)
La Amir, an ojek driver when met at the Kuda Putih ojek base, said “I think the Covid vaccination is good, the important thing is not to have a bad effect on small communities like us,” he said.
as an ojek driver, said La Amir, vaccination may not be necessary, but it is not necessary because from the TV news there is also a requirement so that someone can be vaccinated.

Another response from the housewife, Wa Asmi, who lives in the BWI sub-district, said “I am still afraid of the vaccinations that the government will give, so I have told my child’s teacher, so that my child doesn’t have to be vaccinated,” said the mother of 4.
My son who is still in grade 6 SD explained Wa Asmi, indeed he is thin, but I like to see it that way, from the vaccine, because there is news on social media that many bad things have happened after people have been vaccinated against Covid.
From some of the residents’ comments, Spionnews journalists were reviewed to the members of the Baubau City DPRD, as the people’s representatives, about when it was certain that Baubau City would be vaccinated and who would be registered in that group.
When they arrived at the Council Office, it turned out that all DPR members had not come from outside the city. And according to several Satpol PP officers who were on guard, said “the DPRD members are still going to recess in Kendari, maybe they will come back after the recess is over” said the guard of the Baubau City DPRD office. report (hariyadi)


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