Indonesia In South Buton Two Years Old Child Helps Grandmother in the Garden


Busel-SN. Child “2,3 years old, who lives in Bola Village, Batauga District, South Buton Regency, Southeast Sulawesi.
That afternoon (28/1/2021) _ + 16.15 spionnews.com journalists, accidentally passing through the WaOde Juhuria plantation, suddenly heard the voice of a small child with joy, from a jolt of laughter the rhythm of fatigue but vigorously.
When the spionnws.com reporter approached the child’s voice, it turned out that there was a small child helping his grandmother;
Grandma As pull the grass. “The child gathered the grass, raised it, took Him to the fire place that had been prepared, the place where the grass was burning.

Spionnews.com reporters approached, interviewed the grandmother, “WaOde Juhuria
Here are the results of his dialogue;
Grandmother what’s the name of the grandson?
The grandmother continued, my grandson named Alfil, the son of the initials, L.Adm and W.Ir.
“How often do grandchildren help out in work like this?
“The grandmother continues, morning or evening when I want to come together in the garden”
Is the baby doing work on his own or is it based on the orders of his grandmother?
The grandmother explained without being asked and even though she was admonished for not working, but the grandson did not pay attention, but always worked to help,
How did Grandma feel seeing her grandchildren helping out in this work?
“I am happy and proud to have grandchildren who are able to move their bodies to learn to work,
What are your prayers and hopes, grandmother to her grandchildren?
Grandma, have hopes and prayers that her grandchildren will become virtuous, wise, and devoted children to his two parents who become leaders and can be good leaders.

What was conveyed to Grandma?
“Of course and it is clear that the actions taken by this baby provide good lessons for the next generation, especially for those of us who have grown up so that we can work as much as possible without assessing the type of His work,
However, work and cooperation is one of the attitudes and actions that are implemented by creating the next generation of human beings on the face of the earth.
coverage (Laode Ramadan).


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