Indonesia in Cultural Values ​​”Buton’s Ideology Is Questioned”

Buton Cultural Figures Meeting in Indonesia

Baubau-SN. Koja-koja as a forum for bringing together the four main figures of Buton, 2 Former Buton Regent, L M. Sjafei Kahar and Samsu Umar Abdul Samiun, Mayor of Baubau AS. Tamrin and the former chairman of the City Baubau Wa Ode Maasra Manarfa, as central points for figures and actors of Buton culture.

In the Buton Cultural Observer Forum Monday, 15/2/2021. In the Pancasila Building, Baubau City, there were also several Butonese cultural figures including DR. Tafsil Tahala as an academic in the discussion.

The activity was themed Sara Pataguna and PO-5 in the perspective of Kebutonan. Apart from cultural figures, there were also students and members of the South Buton DPRD, as well as cultural observers among Buton youths as participants in the forum, in seeing the extent of the true value of Buton’s own philosophical assessment.

In the last discussion, the former Buton Regent L M Sjafei Kahar said “Actually Buton culture is not sleeping, it is just not being discussed, in the Wa group, or other social media that Sara Pataguna often talks about, after PO.5 as a comparison,” he said.

Syafei Kahar. The application for Sara Pataguna and PO.5 is actually the same, nothing has changed, the important thing is not the title but how it is applied.

Outside of the discussion, when met by the media crew, former Buton Regent Samsu Umar Abdul Samiun said “North Butonese people are happy to return their blindness, Wakatobi people are excited to return to East Buton, in fact the City of Baubau itself testifies with its own blindness, approximatel ayoughly- guess what will happen? “he the media.
For the writing, said Umar, Buton itself must be clarified by the Baubau City government, initially the writing was Boeton, then in his time, Regent Zainal Arifin Sugianto was changed to Buton, and now it’s deleted, I don’t know what to change to? “He said. (Hari23).


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