Indonesia, Butuni Island Means a Lunar Eclipse For The World

SPNews.com, Baubau – This lunar eclipse, entering between the end of the evening prayer and the isha prayer, is a sign of nature, and a rare phenomenon.

For this year, the lunar eclipse coincides with Vesak Day, Wednesday, 26/5/2021. And on the 15th day of Syawal 1442 H. When a Buton indigenous community was found holding Kutika Waktu, he, who did not want to turn on his name, said “For this year, based on the parents’ comments, from the Kutika book that was with me, the Lunar Eclipse This year, it is entered in the month of Shawwal, and that means, there will be disease and the number of people arguing between humans “he said.

He added, besides that, because of the eclipse of 15 months in the sky, and on Wednesday, it will come, naas ogena, meaning that there will be a big calamity, for mankind around the world.

“With the lunar eclipse this year, it is hoped that every Butonese person will start his faith, because there will be many calamities that will shake the faith of humans,” he said.

At the same time, creating the IMM for the City of Baubau to perform the Lunar Eclipse Prayer, and delivering the Eclipse Prayer Sermon, by Zubair, Explaining “The moon and the sun are signs of Allah’s power, and the eclipse is one of the natural events that will oversee our faith, of greatness. singing the divine “he said.

Zubair added, It once happened in the time of the Prophet that the solar eclipse occurred, with the eclipse prayer, the Prophet prayed the eclipse, where in that prayer, it was longer bowing and prostration in the first cycles than bowing and prostration in the second prayer.

“If you see the eclipse, pray more, pray and give alms, in increasing our faith,” he said.

At the end of his sermon, Zubair said, With the eclipse it is hoped that every human being will begin to improve, himself in order to provide a side of faith in order to increase the quality of our faith.

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Foto : Zubair, SH. M.Hum, Khotbah Sholat Gerhana Bulan, Rabu, 26/5/2021


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