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SPNews.com, South Buton – The tourism potential in the South Buton region is very promising to be managed and empowered and well maintained. This is very visible because of the large number of local tourists and foreign tourists who come to Snake Island or formerly called Liwutongkidi Island where this island is in the South Buton district which is not inhabited by the community.

As one of the tourist attractions, this place is considered very dirty because there is still a lot of plastic waste scattered on the beach, this makes one tourist from France Manuela Rabaud gather friends and friends from the Daeng Lala team to join together to clean the beach at snake island.

Sunday, 3/10/2021. Youtuber Daeng Lala and his friends, including trans Hero of the City of Baubau (an international organization concerned with the environment), clean up the shores of Snake Island by removing all the plastic on the beach.

When met after doing the no plastic action, Manuela Rabaud said “2 months ago I came with my son, yes on this snake island this place and the beach is really very beautiful but because there is still a lot of plastic waste scattered around, I invited my friends from the team It was Daeng Lala who brought me to this place to clean up plastic waste so that this beach looks much more beautiful,” he said, on the way to taking a no plastic action.

Manuela said, After we cleaned up the beach with Daeng Lala’s friends, I thank you very much for being willing to take care of plastic waste.

“Let’s take care of our natural beaches by bringing our own gallons or drinking water containers so that we no longer use water in Aqua glasses and the like so that we don’t leave plastic waste on this beach,” he said.

When you go to the beach, don’t forget to clean the beach by picking up and collecting plastic waste and don’t throw plastic waste into the sea or on land, so the beach will look beautiful. added Manuela.

“I hope there is still plenty of time for us to clean the beach again, and No Plastic,” he said.

The same thing was expressed by tourism activist Petra Mamonto, who revealed that the potential of tourist destinations in South Buton is really very good and beautiful, therefore today’s action, we took as a first step to protect the assets of tourist destinations in the Buton archipelago. this place is in great demand by friends from abroad can look cleaner and more awake.

“We will also coordinate with the police to place their members in the sea waters of the Buton strait, so that there are not many violations of the damage to coral reefs in the sea,” he added.

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